Julia Fox’s memoir titled Down the Drain hit the stands on Tuesday (October 10th), and some new details about her relationship with Kanye “Ye” West have been revealed. The Uncut Gems actress refers to West as “the artist” in the book.

Fox writes that the “Flashing Lights” singer asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend shortly after they met in Miami on New Year’s Eve. “He very bluntly asks me, ‘Would you want to be my girlfriend?’ I instantly burst out laughing. He can’t be serious,” she writes about their highly publicized dinner at Carbone. “He follows up with: ‘How would you feel about taking our relationship public?’”

After the pair officially became an item, the No Sudden Move actress writes that the “only time” West would engage with her and “grab [her] and kiss [her] passionately” is when “the camera is on” them.

She adds, “As we post like puppets, I question his true intentions, feeling that this grand gesture is nothing more than a publicity stunt. I’m disconnected from the moment. I try to find gratitude for the lavish gifts, but the feeling of insincerity lingers.”