Julian Sands commented on the hazards of hiking in the last interview he gave before his tragic death on Mount Baldy in California. Six months before his body was found by hikers, the Warlock actor told the UK’s Radio Times, “If you can deal with dangerous mountains, you can certainly deal with life as an actor — the two are quite complementary.”

Sands also spoke about facing death in nature during such outings. “I’ve found spooky things on mountains, when you know you’re in a place where many people have lost their lives, whether it be on the Eiger or in the Andes. You may be confronted with human remains and that can be chilling,” he told the outlet.

The Room with a View actor added, “It’s not necessarily supernatural, it’s possibly all too natural — what I would call hypernatural. You’re in the presence of big nature and big nature is revealing itself in all its power. It can take us over a threshold of hypersensitivity into a realm of natural forces.”