Kristin Cavallari‘s BFF Justin Anderson has her back as she gets dragged by critics who claims she’s “never” with her kids. As fans will recall, Cavallari split from Jay Cutler, with whom she shares three children, and the pair are sharing custody.

It started with a post of herself laughing with girlfriends, captioned jokingly, “Zero fun.”

“Ever since her divorce she never has her kids,” one person commented. “A divorce is when a parent should be more worried about there sic kids then sic men at bars I agree moms deserves sic mommy free time but not every single day if you don't wanna be a mother why did you have kids stop pinning them on Jay.”

Anderson saw the remark and fired back: “You do realize that divorced parents have set up schedules with their kids right? as kristin's real life friend i can assure you that her kids are her biggest priority and when it's her turn with them they have her undivided attention and she's the best mom i've ever been around. This is a trash comment and you should feel like a garbage can writing something like this to such a dedicated mom like kristin. no need to respond at all, but you should absolutely take a moment to reflect on where your stupidity comes from.”

Cavallari did not join in the exchange, but she has spoken out previously about her love of family, especially now: “I have to say my kids, of course, my family. I think I just realized what's important in life and it's put everything into perspective.”