Kaley Cuoco is impressed with Tom Pelphrey’s fathering skills. Speaking about her boyfriend with People, the Flight Attendant actress said, "I cannot believe how natural he is, how much he loves it."

Cuoco and Pelphrey welcomed their first child together, baby Matilda, earlier this year. "I mean, when we were in the hospital, he did everything — every diaper, he's the swaddle king," she said. "All the nurses said, 'Oh my God, you're the best guy swaddler we've ever seen.'"

Cuoco added that the Ozark actor “just loves” Matilda. "She looks exactly like him. And he has a very distinct voice, so when he talks to her, she's like 360. Her head turns around, and she's like, 'I know that voice.' It's very sweet," the Big Bang Theory star said.