As the pandemic resurges across the globe, even the Royal Family is seeing its celebrations curtailed. New reports claim that the 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth II and her 99-year-old husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, may have to celebrate solo for health reasons.

While Prince William and Kate Middleton and their three children were among those hoping to celebrate with the Queen, officials have raised concerns over whether their children might pose an undue risk of COVID exposure. Doctors will reportedly make the final call and the Queen will follow their directives, sources tell reporters.

“'The family will sort it out between them; it will be about what's practical,” the source told the Telegraph. Current advice in the UK includes the ability for three households to form a “bubble” over Christmas, but that must mean members of the bubble have not been exposed to others.


Meanwhile, fans are wondering if Kate is wearing a Gucci blouse backwards. In two separate appearances, Kate has worn the purple blouse with the buttons in front, but in ads and on models, the buttons are always in the back.

But as fans point out, she looks pretty great either way.