It has been four months—and a lifetime of world-changing events—since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were stepping down from their senior royal roles. Since then, it seems Prince William and Kate Middleton have been doing double duty to pick up the slack, and Harry is reportedly rethinking his decision.


In an interview with The Sun, royal expert Ingrid Seward says: “They feel almost wholly responsible as they are the only influential ones young enough to be out there at the moment apart from Sophie and Edward and The Princess Royal. They have the highest profile and want to use it to the benefit of the monarchy which has to be seen as being a comfort to people at this time.”

Plus: “I think they are sending the message that they can do it on their own without the support of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I get the impression that the Cambridges are far more relaxed and comfortable since Meghan and Harry left.” Eep.


Meanwhile, insiders say Harry “has been telling friends he still can't believe this has happened. He can't believe his life has been turned upside down. He was in a happy place when he was serving in the army, then he met Meghan and since then life has been great. But I don't think he foresaw things turning out quite as they did.”

Harry also told friends he is “really missing the Army as well his military appointments,” and “misses the camaraderie of being in the forces” and has “a sense that he might have been better protected if he was still in the army.”