Kathy Griffin is sharing her progress after letting fans know that she has lung cancer and would undergo surgery.

She says that while she’s on the mend, after having half of her lung removed, the pain and recovery is “more than” she anticipated. The comedian said that her former drug addiction was affecting her recovery.

Griffin wrote: “Tonight will be my first night without any narcotic pain killers. Hello Tylenol, my new best friend! The last time I was in a hospital was in June 2020 when I tried to take my own life and overdosed on prescription pills.”

But she’s determined: “With over a year clean and drug free, I now know I can do this and anything I want without those devil pills. Y’know what? I fear drugs and addiction more than I fear cancer. So, I think I’ll be ok.”

The 60-year-old is hopeful that she will not need to go through chemo or radiation and will have “normal function” with her breathing.