Katie Holmes made headlines after she was photographed in full makeout mode with chef Emilio Vitolo Jr., of the celebrity-sprinkled Nolita hotspot Emilio’s Ballato. But it seems that their happiness comes at a cost.

According to reports, Vitolo dumped his fiancé of 18 months over text just hours before photos of him and Holmes went public. His former fiancé, Rachel Emmons, 24, still has photos of them together all over her social media.

When he broke up with her, he didn’t mention his new romance. An insider told The Daily Mail: “Up to this press coming out, Rachel had no idea what was going on. He is a cheater, and this isn’t a ‘happy ending’ story.”

At first, many saw it as just that for Holmes, who broke up with longtime love Jamie Foxx last year, and was married to Tom Cruise previously.

Vitolo and Emmons has “concrete” wedding plans, and she is reportedly horrified that their breakup has been so “public.”

As for Holmes, the friend noted, “Nobody really knows if Katie was aware he was with Rachel. If she did, it’s a bad example to set for her daughter.”

Some observers also smell a rat, noting Vitolo’s well-known obsession with Hollywood, having posted shots with Joe Jonas, Michael K. Williams, Lenny Kravitz, Bella Hadid, Barack Obama, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jimmy Fallon, Keegan Michael Key and others.