Artist Alexandra Grant, who happens to be dating the Internet’s boyfriend Keanu Reeves, is opening up about why she keeps her locks their natural gray.

In an Instagram post, the 46-year-old shared a Newsweek piece about a study showing that hair dye and chemical straighteners result in a higher risk of breast cancer when compared to women who don’t use the products.

“Wow. Today’s news…” she began her caption. “The numbers are staggering, especially for womxn of color.”

“I went gray prematurely in my early 20’s… and dyed my hair every color along the way until I couldn’t tolerate the toxicity of the dyes any more,” Grant went on to explain. “In my 30’s I let my hair turn ‘blonde.’ “

She continued: “I love and support that every womxn can choose how she wants to look at every age. But/and, if womxn are perishing from beauty standards… then let’s talk about those beauty standards. Love to all womxn!”

“Womxn” is a term that many believe to be more inclusive of trans and non-binary individuals.

Last month, Reeves, 55, and Grant walked a red carpet holding hands, the first time they appeared in public together. Their relationship has inspired many outside of Hollywood, who see it as a refreshing and age-appropriate change to the trend of stars dating much-younger people.

They’ve collaborated on two books together, and reportedly became involved romantically earlier this year.