On the latest episode of her podcast, Baby, This is Keke Palmer, Keke Palmer spoke with Dr. Drew Pinsky about unhealthy relationship dynamics. This comes shortly after she filed a domestic violence restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson, and was granted temporary custody of their nine-month-old baby.

“We're all in different dynamics with friends, family, lovers, and you find yourself saying, 'Well, damn it. Am I playing a game on myself, and I'm actually the person that's doing wrong?'” the Nope actor said. “How does someone know if they're — and look, it takes two to tango, right? — but how does someone know when they did the wrong thing and they're really the issue? How do you know when you're the issue?”

The Teen Mom star assured her by replying, “Keke, the person who is re-evaluating themselves, trying to do what's right, contemplating they could be doing what's wrong, that is rarely the person who's doing wrong.”