KEL MITCHELL IS AT HOME RECOVERING FROM MYSTERY ILLNESS: Kel Mitchell took to Instagram on Thursday (November 9th) to let his fans know he is “on the road to recovery at home” after being hospitalized earlier in the week. The Good Burger actor did not reveal the reason for his hospitalization, but he added, "Grateful for the flood of prayers and positive vibes that surrounded me during a genuinely frightening time. The scare was real, but so was the support." 

REESE WITHERSPOON IS NOT DATING KEVIN COSTNER: Reese Witherspoon is swiftly putting an end to the rumors that she and Kevin Costner are in a relationship following their respective divorces. The Sweet Home Alabama star’s rep told People on Thursday (November 9th), "This story is completely fabricated and not true." Witherspoon filed for divorce from Jim Toth in March, while Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce from the Yellowstone actor in May.

BRUCE WILLIS’ DEMENTIA IS ‘REALLY AGGRESSIVE:’ Tallulah Willis appeared on Wednesday’s (November 8th) episode of The Drew Barrymore Show and shared a health update on her father, Bruce Willis, after he was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia earlier this year. “What’s going on with my dad — he has a really aggressive cognitive disease, a form of dementia that’s very rare,” Tallulah said. She also commented on how she’s coped with the changes. “A really beautiful way for me to heal through this is becoming like an archaeologist to my dad’s stuff, his world, his little trinkets and doodads,” Tallulah said. When Barrymore asked about the current state of the Die Hard actor’s health, she replied, "He is the same, which, I think, in this regard I’ve learned is the best thing you can ask for. I see love when I'm with him, and it's my dad and he loves me."

MICHAEL J. FOX SAYS HE WOULD HAVE FORGIVEN HIS WIFE TRACY POLLAN IF SHE LEFT HIM FOLLOWING PARKINSON’S DIAGNOSIS: Michael J. Fox opened up to the cohosts of Good Morning America Thursday (November 9th) about his relationship with his wife, Tracy Pollan, and the support she’s provided following his Parkinson’s diagnosis in 1991. "She had indicated to me by saying in for better or for worse, in sickness and in health," he said. "She was able to get me through it, and go through it with me. And she has for 35 years." The Back to the Future actor added, "At any time she would have been forgiven to say, 'I'm just gonna step out.' But, she didn't do that."