Kelly Rizzo took to Instagram over the weekend to remember the last Christmas she spent with her late husband, Bob Saget.

Along with photos of the pair standing together in front of lavish Christmas decorations, Rizzo wrote, “Cherish every single moment. I certainly didn’t think that our first Christmas together (in the same city) last year would be our last. ( it was the first year he came to Chicago to spend Christmas with my family along with my wonderful step-daughter, Lara).”

“I’m so glad we had that special time together,” she wrote, adding how grateful she is to have had the Full House actor in her life for as long as she did. “As I’ve said before, I’m just so grateful that I got to have that incredible man in my life and that I got to be in his for 6 years. There’s no greater Christmas present than that. Sending love and prayers and wishes to you all.”