Kenan Thompson spoke with Today on Monday (December 4th) about his friendship with Kel Mitchell and how the pair reunited after a “falling out” years ago.

Both actors got their start on Nickelodeon’s All That and starred in the 1997 movie Good Burger together—but at a certain point, they felt the need to go their separate ways.

“It was more of a separation that kind of grew into the traditional terms of what a falling out is, which is like not a lot of communication,” the Saturday Night Live star told the outlet. “Originally, it was just us kind of looking for our own individualism, basically, as adults, taking a breather from being a duo because we both came into the game as individuals.”

As time passed, the Mighty Ducks actor said it “became ridiculous” that they were no longer in contact. He added that they couldn’t "even remember what it was” that caused the rift in the first place.

As for how they mended things, he said, “When you have a real friendship, it was five minutes into the phone call, we were back. It was like, what were we waiting on all this time? You just never really know until you actually have that talk.”

Thompson and Mitchell recently reprised their roles for a Good Burger sequel, now streaming on Paramount+.