In honor of Black History Month, Scandal star Kerry Washington is celebrating “BlackHERstory” with a commemorative post for the late Rosa Parks.

Washington posted a photo of herself recreating Parks’ 1955 mugshot, which she featured alongside the original photo on Instagram Monday (February 21st).

She captioned the post, “A lot of people think that Rosa’s activism started with her refusing to give up her seat on the bus. But she lived a life of activism long before that. Fighting, boycotting, marching, and even working as an investigator for the NAACP, advocating against sexual assaults on Black women.”

She continued, “It was Rosa Park’s act of civil disobedience on that bus that sparked a revolution. She took that seat in order to take a stand. That seat on the bus was her fighting stance – and so we continue the fight today, in whatever way we can! Lets ask ourselves, what can we do! Sit. Stand. March. Make calls. Volunteer. Talk to your family and friends. Do whatever you can and however you can. Rosa taught us that. And we are forever grateful. It was an honor to honor her.”

Last week, Washington posted another “BlackHERstory” tribute for Black athlete Wilma Rudoph, who took home three gold medals from the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960.