Kerry Washington graces the cover of InStyle, and inside, she opened up about raising her kids with retired football pro Nnamdi Asomugha.

The pair married in 2013 and share a 5-year-old daughter Isabelle and 3-year-old son Caleb, and co-parent Asomugha’s child with another woman.

Washington and Asomugha rarely discuss their children and never take them to publicity events, something she tells InStyle she is “really, really vigilant” about.

Washington explained: “These are their lives. But it's not about pulling a Rapunzel and hiding them away in a castle from the world—we don't want to do that. I think any parent would want to keep kids from a situation that causes them to feel scared. I don't want them to be exploited, particularly in this social-media world.”

And while she doesn’t share shots of them on social media or blab too much about them to reporters, she did let a few details slip.

“My husband teased me that if I did the DNA test 23andMe, it would come back 11 percent mermaid,” she told InStyle. “My kids are the same way. They're just fish.”