Marvel boss Kevin Feige is responding to rumors that Chris Evans is in talks to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after seemingly retiring as Captain America with Avengers: Endgame.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I rarely answer no to anything anymore because things are always surprising me with what happens, but that rumor, I think, was dispelled rather quickly by the man himself." 

Deadline reported the rumor of a comeback. Anthony Mackie, who was picked to carry the shield told EW he has "no idea" what's going on with Evans. "I was actually fishing [when the report came out]. When I came back in to get some shrimp, the dude at the dock was like, 'Hey, man! Did you see this s—?!'" Mackie recalls of first hearing about it. "I've been going to the same guy to get my bait for like 20 years and all of a sudden now he's a fan. He had no idea who I was. Now he's a fan."