Kevin Hart was riding in what experts tell TMZ was a “death trap” before it crashed. The 1970 Plymouth Barracuda—he snapped it up for his 40th birthday in July—lacked essential key safety features, and when the car crashed over Labor Day weekend, horrific injuries resulted.

Car experts tell TMZ that it is “highly unusual” for cars with 720 horsepower to be outfitted without a roll cage and five point harness. Hart suffered three spinal fractures when the car crashed through a fence in Malibu Hills. He is facing months of rehab after surgery, and reports claim that movie projects are up in the air as a result of the accident.

The car’s driver, Jared Black, was determined to not be under the influence of alcohol. He was also injured seriously in the crash. Dr. Phil, who has a souped-up Chevy, is reportedly planning to install safety harnesses because of Hart’s mishap.