Christmas cards past often make for painful viewing, and Khloe Kardashian is sparing no one in the walk down memory lane. The reality star hit up IG Stories to share a throwback from the 1990s featuring herself, plus Kim and Kourtney and brother Rob, all posing around their late father, Robert Kardashian.

But unbeknownst to her until @90anxiety pointed it out, her fam misspelled her name. She saw the post and joked: “Wait!! @90sanxiety just pointed out the typo in my name!!! So rude! The disrespect of it all lol.”

Her name was spelled Khole.

But her love life, meanwhile, seems to be on the up and up, despite her on-again off-again love Tristan Thompson being spotted with a mystery brunette. (She is, per reports, a business associate). The pair were spotted in Boston at Zuma at the Four Seasons. Cameras were there to caption the dinner, according to reports.

The onlooker adds that Kardashian, 36, and Thompson, 29, were “very dressed down” for the occasion: “Tristan wore an all-grey sweatsuit and Khloe was in black, with a very cute winter hat with a pom pom on top. They both ordered several sushi rolls off the menu and stayed for just over two hours.”