Kim Kardashian and her neighbor Sarah Key are trading legal papers over a vault she is or is not trying to build under her home, depending upon whom you ask. TMZ reports that Kim’s neighbor has filed a restraining order against the Hidden Hills Community Association to block her from building an underground vault, subterranean parking and an attached subterranean wellness center and a detached guardhouse. 

In the docs, she claims there are two high-pressure gas transmission lines running through the community, and she worried they put "Hidden Hills community members at risk of catastrophic bodily injury and irreparable real personal property damage."

But sources tell TMZ that she is not building a vault, though she is building …. Something. 

Meanwhile, Kardashian raised brows running errands to CVS in a skin-tight Balenciaga, very much in the spirit of her much-talked about mystery outfit at the Met Gala