At this year’s Met Gala, Kim Kardashian wore the iconic dress that Marilyn Monroe wore while singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to John F. Kennedy in 1962. Kardashian told Vogue before the big event that she lost 16 pounds over the course of three weeks in order to fit into the gown.

Monroe’s dress was flown on a private plane to Kardashian’s house from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in Orlando, Florida. “The dress was transported by guards and I had to wear gloves to try it on. I always thought she was extremely curvy. I imagined I might be smaller in some places where she was bigger and bigger in places where she was smaller. So, when it didn't fit me, I wanted to cry because it can't be altered at all,” Kardashian said.

Following the Met Gala, Kardashian ditched her strict diet and set her sights set on the carbs—skipping the star-studded afterparties.

“You guys, I haven't had carbs or sugar in almost a month. Definitely three weeks. This pizza—I'm so excited!” The Kardashians star said in a video posted to her Instagram stories on Monday (May 2nd).