KIM KARDASHIAN TO STAR IN LEGAL DRAMA BY RYAN MURPHY: Kim Kardashian is continuing to expand her acting career. According to Deadline, the reality star is set to star in a legal drama by Ryan Murphy, following her breakthrough performance in American Horror Story: Delicate. Kardashian will play a top divorce lawyer in Los Angeles and the owner of an all-female law firm. The series will premiere on Hulu.

NICOLAS CAGE IS READY TO QUIT ACTING: Nicolas Cage is preparing to bid farewell to Hollywood. The Adaptation actor told Vanity Fair in a recent interview, “I may have three or four more movies left in me.” He added, “I do feel I’ve said what I’ve had to say with cinema. I think I took film performance as far as I could … I do want to get much more severe and stringent in my selection process … I want to say bye on a high note.”

HILARY FARR SAYS SHE WILL MISS ‘EVERYTHING’ ABOUT WORKING WITH DAVID VISENTIN ON ‘LOVE IT OR LIST IT:’ Hilary Farr is leaving the hit HGTV show Love It Or List It after 19 seasons. Farr told People she is going to miss “everything” about working with her cohost, David Visentin. Commenting on their real-life dynamic, she said, “We are who we are on that show. Think of your brother as his most obnoxious and annoying, that's David.” The Designing Christmas star also relayed a story from when they were on a plane together. “We were on a flight once,” she told the outlet. “We were just talking and semi arguing. I mean, the way we do. Also making each other laugh. We noticed something going on across the aisle and it was somebody actually begging the stewardess to find him a new seat because we were so obnoxious and annoying. … We're oblivious to how it is, but that's just how we are. A thing happens when we're together.”

‘THE GOLDEN BACHELOR’ GERRY TURNER RESPONDS TO SECRET GIRLFRIEND EXPOSÉ: The day before the season finale of The Golden Bachelor aired Thursday (November 30th), The Hollywood Reporter published an exposé about Gerry Turner. On the show, Turner claimed he hadn’t dated anyone since his wife passed away in 2017, but a woman named “Carolyn” refuted this. She told the outlet she dated Turner for 10 months and lived with him in his home in Indiana. Turner responded to this claim in a recent interview with Katie Couric Media. “I guess I would say this: I dated a number of women, but then it becomes an issue of how you define whether you’re in a relationship,” he said.