While the rest of us ease into quarantine in sweats and T-shirts, sans bras, but Kim Kardashian is rocking it in white leather chaps, a bikini top and her shiny silver car. 

She captioned the shot of herself: “All dressed up with nowhere to go.” While Kim’s life in quarantine appears to be humming along on social media, her personal life and work life behind the scenes may be a bit less picture-perfect.

She and husband Kanye West are “at each other’s throats” during quarantine, according to reports.

Plus, her new line of face masks has sparked a controversy as well. Her shapewear line SKIMS issued seamless nonmedical masks in five skin tones, and while they sold out in less than 30 minutes, not everyone was pleased. (About 10,000 of the $8 masks were donated to relief efforts and come in shades named sand, clay, sienna, cocoa and onyx.)

Social media users accused her of “casual racism”. Wrote one: “you’d think this family would know shades of black skin tones considering their kids are black too and you’d think by now they would know that this is not a black nude tone but go off kimberly with your profiteering on casual racism……”