Since announcing her transition in 2015, Caitlyn Jenner has mainly stayed off of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Momager Kris Jenner sits down with the Wall Street Journal to discuss how the family processed the change. 

Kris says: “It was something that we had to absorb and try to wrap our heads around and learn about. It was hard because I wanted to be the best parent I could be and do the right thing and I didn’t know what that meant in that situation.”

She also discusses her famous family’s amazing arc to fame after she became a talent manager for Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, as well as Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Kris believes a lot of the success simply came because she wanted the best for them: “When it’s your child, you go over and above anything that would be required of you if you were just a proper person getting a typical paycheck. I feel like a fireman because I’m always putting out fires all day every day, on some levels.”

She also claims their honesty was appealing: “We definitely look at the cuts afterward when they’re put together and strung out and there’s very, very little that we ever take out. The things I take out are things like, ‘Oh, the back of my hair looks crazy. I hate how fat I look from behind.'”

Kris also addresses the elephant in the room, namely Kim’s split from Kanye West. She says that the hopes she set a good example with her own divorce from Kim’s dad, and added that they were so tight, she considered him her “best friend” until Rob Kardashian's 2003 death.