In a new podcast interview with Hollywood Raw hosts Dax Holt and Adam Glyn, she admits she has “so much to learn” after she and Stassi Schroeder were fired from Vanderpump Rules in June for calling the cops on Black castmate Faith Stowers for a crime she didn’t commit.

Hollywood Raw asks: “Has Lisa Vanderpump or Andy Cohen reached out to you since all this happened? Doute replies: Lisa, nope, not at all. Andy DM’d me and said hang in there.”

She admits that she was absolutely in the wrong: “It was definitely none of my business to take anything to social media (and) essentially send a mob out to this person. Especially… because she's Black. It was really just not my place to go there.”

Doute admits she is still far from perfect: “At the end of the day I'm not a f***ing saint, I'm doing the best that I can. I'm human and I make mistakes all the time and I'm just trying to do something every day that makes this a little bit better for everyone.”

Vanderpump also axed newcomers Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni for their past racist remarks on social media.

Doute said: “I think the biggest thing that I've learned, is that I have so much to learn. And I know that's super cliché and a lot of people say that but it's absolutely true because I think that I thought that I understood racism but now I'm really learning about unconscious bias. Learning about anti-racism. Learning about how we can do things locally to really truly make changes and putting work into your community locally to make those changes I think (are) so important.”

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