Kristin Cavallari filed for divorce in April, three days after her ex Jay Cutler did. Much has been made about their split, with speculation on everything from Cutler cheating with Cavallari’s ex-BFF to him mistreating her to him blocking her from buying a new house and moving on with her life, she decided to break her silence on Instagram Live

For now, she says she’s living with her best friend Justin Anderson and the three kids she shares with Cutler: "We've been together for the entire quarantine time—literally from day one."

And as it turns out, yes, divorcing amid a world crisis isn’t easy. She said: “We've maxed out every creative idea" adding, "I will tell you, the no school thing is tough. With the boys, Jaxon will not listen to me. He refuses to do work."

Schedules are out the window. "I haven't set an alarm since all of this has been going on," the Uncommon James founder said. "It's going to be really hard for me to get back into it."

Despite the chaos, she’s finding moments of joy: "It's cute, but those are the moments that will never be the same—we'll never get those back. So in that sense, I've been trying to really enjoy that time with my kids."

Unfortunately for fans who were hoping she’d spill the tea on Cutler, she was (probably wisely) mum on the subject.

Pals Spencer Pratt and Audrina Patridge are saying Cavallari will be better off. Pratt said on his podcast Monday: "I think Kristin is going to be better off. I'm excited for her new chapter—hopefully on The Hills, you know, dating."

Patridge said: "Divorce is hard. She'll get through it, though. We talked a little bit two or three weeks ago when it first all came out. She just needs time to process and feel—it's literally almost like mourning a death going through divorce.