In case you missed it, Lauren Alaina and her Dancing With the Stars partner Gleb Savchenko twirled their way to a score of 32 out of 40 points for Monday night’s (October 7th) episode of the show. Following the show, Lauren Alaina was excited about their performance and told us this over the phone: “I don’t really get to pick the song, but at the start of the show I got to turn in my favorite songs. I filled out this paperwork that asked me who your favorites were. What’s your favorite movie> And finally, each week has been a surprise and each week, I’ve been like, you want me to do what? And this week, they’re like, you’re dancing to Jolene by Dolly Parton. Thank goodness! She’s my favorite. So, I don’t know if the fact that I danced to Dolly made me do better. I think I’ve heard that song a million times. Sang it a million times. I’m connected to that song already and I think my body could move to it so much easier.”