LEE SUN-KYUN IS FOUND DEAD IN AN APPARENT SUICIDE: Lee Sun-kyun, the South Korean actor most known for his role in the 2019 film Parasite, was found dead inside a car at a Seoul park on Wednesday (December 27th). He was 48 years old. According to People, authorities had been searching for him after his family said he left what appeared to be a suicide note. This news comes amid an ongoing investigation into his alleged illegal drug use.

ALICE WALKER COMMENTS ON NEW RENDITION OF ‘THE COLOR PURPLE:’ Alice Walker, the author who wrote The Color Purple in 1982, shared her thoughts on the latest rendition of the book. “I really love it that [audiences] have to take away the reality that Shug and Celie become lovers, because I think that we have really needed help there. We really needed to see that love is love. You know, that people love whoever they love, and it is their right to do that,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. In the 1985 version of the movie, Shug and Celie shared a brief kiss. Oprah Winfrey, who starred as Sofia in this version of the film, told the outlet that was a big deal at the time. “God, there was so much talk about that kiss in 1985, and it wasn’t even a kiss in 1985. It was like a peck. It wasn’t even a peck, it was a p,” she joked. “And we thought, certainly now you can express the nature of their relationship.”