When Lena Dunham split from longtime love Jack Antonoff in December of 2017, she left her six year relationship and the Brooklyn home they shared. In an essay for Domino magazine’s Fall 2019 cover story, Girls creator and star Dunham recalls the poignant moment when they agreed that she’d leave and he’d stay in the home where they had agreed to “build a future” and “consider children.” 

“The last time I saw that apartment was when we agreed, with love, that someone had to go,” Dunham recalls. “‘You can finally eat in the bed without anyone getting mad at you,’ he said through tears.” 

But well before their split, she implies that they were far from being on the same page. 

She reveals that she decorated their apartment herself when he was on tour with the Bleachers, but when he came back “he hated it.”

“He didn’t want to hate it,” she says. “He tried not to hate it. But he didn’t like living among the insides of my mind.” 

It wasn’t easy, she admits. “I felt sick every time I made a design concession or covered up pink with dove gray,” she remembers. “Love can only survive so much. At night, I mapped out my dream space in my head.” 


After panicking and buying and selling a new apartment at a loss, she bounced around on friends’ couches. Eventually, she settled on an “eccentric” rental on a second-floor Manhattan apartment. 

While it was only intended to be temporary, she can’t picture leaving, decorating it with a color-coded bookcase and pillows with images of her cats.