In a Variety cover story published Wednesday (November 9th), Letitia Wright recalled going into a “downward spiral” following the death of her Black Panther costar Chadwick Boseman. She told the outlet she had trouble accepting the news of his death at first.

"I was like, 'Yo, I think everybody's tripping right now. I'm giving you like five seconds to tell me that this is not real,' " she said, sharing that she called Daniel Kaluuya when she couldn’t get ahold of Boseman. "He was super silent. I was like, 'OK, fine, if you're not gonna tell me, I'm going to continue calling Chad until he picks up.' "

As she continued trying to reach Boseman, Kaluuya asked her, "What are you doing?" Wright replied, "I'm calling Chad." To this, Kaluuya said, "Tish, his family …"

The Death on the Nile actress also expressed how devastating it was for her to miss Boseman’s memorial service due to COVID-19. "It haunted me for months that I couldn't say goodbye to him or be around my Black Panther family to share in that moment," she said. "I kind of had to do that by myself."