Lin-Manuel Miranda is not subscribing to cancel culture.

The playwright and actor is not a fan of having to “bend his art to meet criticism.”

Miranda recently faced backlash for the lack of Afro-Latinx representation in his film In the Heights. And while he’s apologized for the film’s shortcomings, he does not plan to fall victim to “cancel culture.”

He told The New Yorker that while differing opinions are important, they are just that – opinions. Miranda also made it very clear that this fairly new concept that is meant to oust artists will not keep him from creating the art he loves.

He told the magazine, “If you get yourself into a place of fear, you're f**ked.It's over.”

The artist explained that he is receptive to criticism nonetheless, “Certainly, I have learned lessons from the reception of my work, good, bad and indifferent. You try to take all of it, and whatever sticks to your gut is what you bring with you to your next project.”