Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan was not a fan of Zendaya’s Cinderella look at this year’s Met Gala, and she decided to share her thoughts on social media, somehow managing to drag Claire Danes into her takedown in the process. 

“Claire Danes did that with [Zac Posen] already,” she wrote, referring to Danes' outfit and the designer, in a comment to a post from @disneylifestylers that shared Zendaya’s look.

In a separate comment, she sniped, “@ClaireDanes you wore this dress so beautifully, I don’t know why someone thinks that they can be more chic. Ever.”

Most commenters didn’t agree with Lohan’s assessment. "Really honey is this what we doing? It’s fine to have an opinion but your comment was unnecessary. Have some decency and show some kindness," one person wrote. "[Zendaya,] It was a beautiful dress and you killed it! Much Love!"

"I thought you were about girl power! You sound very bitter and mean. Get your act together! There was no reason for your comment," another user said.

“@lindsaylohan show us the dress you wore to the #metgala go ahead, I’ll wait,” another comment read, adding, “Go sit down somewhere.”

Lohan has not attended the gala since 2007.