LIZ SHERIDAN DIES AT 93: Deadline reports that Liz Sheridan, who played Helen Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld‘s mother on Seinfeld, passed away on Friday (April 15th) at the age of 93. In addition to her work on the famous sitcom, Sheridan appeared in several Broadway shows, and she played Raquel Ochmonek on ALF from 1986-1990, among other roles. The news of Sheridan’s passing comes just a week after Estelle Harris, who played George Castanza’s mother Estelle on Seinfeld, passed away as well.

WENDY RIEGER DIES AT 65: According to The Hollywood Reporter, veteran TV news anchor Wendy Rieger passed away on Saturday (April 16th) at the age of 65. Her cause of death was brain cancer. Rieger was a weekend reporter at CNN’s Washington bureau before she joined WRC in 1988, where she stayed until 2021. Her weekly Going Green segment won her an award from a Washington magazine in 2008 for “her commitment to environmental safety and preservation,” and she also won local Emmy Awards, including one for a report she did on Vietnam 20 years after the war.

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH TO HOST SNL FOR THE SECOND TIME: TVLine reports that The Power of the Dog actor Benedict Cumberbatch is set to host Saturday Night Live for the second time in May. Cumberbatch will take the stage on May 7th, the day after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness lands in theaters. He will be joined by musical guest Arcade Fire.

WILMER VALDERRAMA SAYS RETURNING AS FEZ ON THAT ‘70S SHOW SPINOFF IS A POSSIBILITY: Deadline reports that Wilmer Valderrama certainly isn’t ruling out reprising his role as Fez on That ‘90s Show, the upcoming That ‘70s Show spinoff. “I’m a little busy now, but I support them so much. I’m rooting for them. I wish them nothing but the best,” he said in a recent TV Insider interview. When asked about returning to the franchise as Fez, Valderrama said, “If the timing is right, I’d never say no.”