Liza Minnelli is not friends with Prince Harry or Meghan Markle. We live in strange times, and it seems that celebrities now feel the need to take to social media to shut down chatter about even the most innocuous rumors of friendship.

After The Sun published a report claiming they were all pals and that the Cabaret star was helping Harry “find his feet” in L.A., she wrote on social media: “While I wish them well, I have never met Prince Harry and Meghan. Any statement to the contrary is a complete fabrication.”

While Harry and Meghan may not be pals with the 74-year-old Tony winner, they have a lot of Hollywood friends, including David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Elton John, James Corden, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Idris Elba, all of whom attended their 2018 wedding. They are also staying at Tyler Perry‘s mansion while they look for a permanent home.


Meghan, meanwhile, is being described as a “fame addict” in Lady Colin Campbell‘s new book Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, according to Page Six.

In the book, Campbell says that Meghan wants to run for president of the US someday and that “England doesn’t do it for her.” She describes her as “an operator… a fame addict”… who’s “had a series of men.”

Page 261 states “Meghan’s whole life is an act.” Harry? “was desperate to meet someone”… “he’s not the swiftest”… “he’s a prop.” Page 217 calls him “pathetic.”

The book drops June 25. Simon & Schuster is the publisher.