Lori Loughlin‘s nightmare seems to have come true. The Full House star was reportedly very concerned about how her daughters Olivia Jade, 21, and Isabella Rose, 22 would fare if both she and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were forced to serve sentences behind bars simultaneously for their roles in the college admissions case.

Now, as she winds down her two months time and Giannulli starts his five months, the girls, as she feared, are having a rough time. An insider tells People: “It's just a nightmare for them. They were very upset when they said goodbye to Lori. But to have both of their parents now in prison at the same time is very upsetting.”

“They are beyond worried,” the source adds of Olivia and Isabella. “They can't wait to have their mom home in December, though. They try to focus on this.”

Loughlin, meanwhile, appears to be holding up. “She’s using this time to focus on herself, but she’s also interested in hearing the stories of the other inmates,” the source says. “She realizes she’s no better and no worse than any of them. Lori is resolved to finish her sentence with her head held high.”

Loughlin is officially due out December 28th, though many say she’ll be released by Christmas. Giannulli is due out in April.

In May, the couple pleaded guilty to fraud in a case that has involved more than 50 parents accusing of bribing their kids’ way into prestigious colleges.