Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Magic Mike’s Last Dance hit theaters over the weekend, topping the charts at the domestic box office. The movie pulled in $8.2 million, while Avatar: The Way of Water took second place with $6.9 million. Paramount’s rerelease of Titanic, showing at just 2,464 theaters, claimed third place.

Box Office Numbers from Friday (February 10th) through Sunday (February 12th):

1. Magic Mike’s Last Dance, $8.2 million
2. Avatar: The Way of Water, $6.9 million
3. Titanic, $6.4 million
4. 80 for Brady, $6 million
5. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, $5.5 million
6. Knock at the Cabin, $5.5 million
7. A Man Called Otto, $2.63 million
8. Missing, $2.6 million
9. M3GAN, $2.37 million
10. Plane, $1.185 million