MARCIA DEROUSSE DIES AT 70: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marcia DeRousse died on Saturday (September 2nd) at the age of 70. DeRousse wrote on Facebook in April that a fall in her doctor’s office was going to “lead to her death.” She explained that the fall “caused my hiatal hernia to move to an area where it is now dangerous.” DeRousse starred as Dr. Patricia Ludwig on three seasons of the HBO drama True Blood. She also appeared in movies such as Under the Rainbow, Tiptoes, and The Disappointments Room.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG MISSES PREMIERE OF ‘THE VIEW’ DUE TO COVID-19 DIAGNOSIS: Deadline reports that Whoopi Goldberg missed the season 27 premiere of The View on Tuesday (September 5th) due to a COVID-19 diagnosis, as a new wave of cases arises in the U.S. Some viewers missed the premiere as well, due to an ongoing battle between Disney and Spectrum. A message that read, “The Walt Disney Company, owner of this channel, has removed their programming from Spectrum … We offered Disney a fair deal, and yet they continue to demand an excessive increase,” appeared on the ABC affiliate channel in New York City.

WARNER BROS. DISCOVERY PROJECTS LOSS OF $300-500 MILLION IN 2023 DUE TO WGA AND SAG-AFTRA STRIKES: Variety reports that Warner Bros. Discovery expects to lose $300-$500 million in 2023 due to the joint WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. “While WBD is hopeful that these strikes will be resolved soon, it cannot predict when the strikes will ultimately end,” the company wrote. “With both guilds still on strike today, the Company now assumes the financial impact to WBD of these strikes will persist through the end of 2023.” The WGA began their strike on May 2nd, and SAG-AFTRA followed suit on July 14th.

‘NCIS: SYDNEY’ GETS PREMIERE DATE: Entertainment Weekly reports that the spinoff NCIS: Sydney is set to premiere on CBS November 13th. This marks the first international NCIS spinoff and the fifth installment overall. The other spinoffs include NCIS: Los Angeles, which aired from 2009 to 2023, NCIS: New Orleans, which ran from 2014-2021, and NCIS: Hawai’i, which will see its third season in 2024.