MARLENE CLARK DIES AT 85: Variety reports that Sanford and Son actress Marlene Clark passed away on May 18th at the age of 85. Clark held roles in films such as Ganja & Hess, Enter the Dragon, Lord Shango, Black Mamba, and The Jezebels. Her Sanford and Son costar Demond Wilson honored her on Twitter, writing, “RIP beautiful actress Marlene Clark. . . It was a delight to work with you. 12/19/49 – 5/18/23.”

WGA PRESIDENT ASKS NETFLIX AND COMCAST SHAREHOLDERS TO VOTE AGAINST EXECUTIVE PAY PACKAGES: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Writers Guild of America President Meredith Stiehm sent a letter to Netflix and Comcast shareholders on Tuesday (May 20th), urging them to vote against pay packages for the companies’ top executives. “Approval of this compensation package is inappropriate in light of the ongoing WGA writers’ strike and the associated risks that Comcast executives are creating for investors,” Stiehm wrote to Comcast shareholders. “Shareholders should send a message to Comcast that if the company could afford to spend $130 million on executive compensation last year, it can afford to pay the estimated $34 million per year that writers are asking for in contract improvements and put an end to this disruptive strike.” Comcast’s annual meeting is set to be held on June 7th, and Netflix’s is scheduled for June 1st.

‘FUBAR’ BECOMES NO. 1 ENGLISH TV SHOW ON NETFLIX: Variety reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s FUBAR replaced Queen Charlotte in the number one spot on Netflix’s English TV list from May 22-28. The Bridgerton prequel held onto that top spot for three weeks before falling to third place with 42.9 million hours viewed.

‘THE FLASH’ DIRECTOR SAYS HE WOULDN’T CONSIDER REPLACING EZRA MILLER: Andy Muschietti, the director of The Flash, appeared on a recent episode of The Discourse podcast and said he wouldn’t consider replacing Ezra Miller in a sequel—despite the abuse allegations made against the actor in recent years. “I don’t think there’s anyone that can play that character as well as they did. The other depictions of the character are great, but this particular vision of the character, they just excelled in doing it. And, as you said, the two Barrys — it feels like a character that was made for them,” Muschietti said.