Marlon Wayans took to Instagram over the weekend to air his grievances with United Airlines, after he was removed from a flight to Kansas City, Missouri—causing him to miss a live stand-up performance. The White Chicks actor said he was “targeted” by a United Airlines employee, even after he consolidated his bags at the Denver International Airport on Friday (June 9th).

“I complied and consolidated them, (and) he was like, 'Oh, now you have to check that bag,' ” Wayans wrote in an Instagram post. “Most agents are always love but every now and then you come across BAD PEOPLE. This was one of them.”

United Airlines told USA Today in a statement, “A customer who had been told he would have to gate-check his bag instead pushed past a United employee at the jet bridge and attempted to board the aircraft.”

In another Instagram post, Wayans explained, “At that point i said 'see now you’re just f**kin' with me.' So i grabbed my ticket off the counter got on the plane. This was harassment and I will make enough noise to be sure all my friends and family and peoples stop flying @united this will be a corporate matter. Black people all kinds of racism and classism. I won’t allow this. Over a bag?”

Multiple outlets report the Scary Movie actor also received a citation for disturbing the peace from the Denver Police Department. “Yes, a ticket … that’s all they could give me,” he wrote, confirming the reports. “Dude tried to lie and say i assaulted him. The video clearly shows i never touched him. He was desperate to try to have some authority.”