Despite the pandemic, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy—who is the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy‘s brother—managed to sort out their split. Olsen, 34, struggled to get the video working for the Zoom hearing, and apologized to the Judge, Lori Sattler for showing up 10 minutes late.

Sarkozy’s lawyer, Michael Mosberg, confirmed that eight months after the split, an agreement had been reached.

“So, we have reached a final agreement,” Mosberg said to the judge. “And we appreciate the time and latitude that you’ve given us. … It’s been incremental, but we continue to make forward progress. We, as of this morning, reached the final agreement. We just need to revise that agreement, get it executed and get it to you, which we will have by the end of next week, but … the deal is now done.”

The Full House alum’s lawyer, Nancy Chemtob, noted: “We’ve been working very hard and we appreciate the court’s time and the adjournments, and we do have a settlement, and we will be able to get that signed and executed, as Mr. Mosberg said, by next week. All issues are resolved.”

Olsen filed April 17, 2020, but the pandemic put a pause on court hearings; she filed for an emergency order, arguing that he’d kicked her out of their NYC apartment in the middle of a mass contagion. She reportedly moved into a $325K Hamptons rental over the summer.

Sattler said, “Until I actually see the proof, I’m going to hold your feet to the fire a little bit. I do trust and believe that this is happening, however, I’m going to keep control of the case to make sure this gets done and get them divorced.”

They married in 2015; according to reports her and sister Ashley Olsen‘s “business interests and fortune are protected” by an ironclad prenup.