MATT MCGORRY POSTS TOUCHING TRIBUTE TO HIS LATE FATHER: On Tuesday (April 5th), How to Get Away with Murder star Matt McGorry posted to Instagram in honor of his father, who passed away on April 1st. “Less than two months ago, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (one of the most deadly) and was told he had months to live. I am eternally grateful that I had a chance to say goodbye. That he wasn't in pain in the last few weeks, that he looked back on his life with deep gratitude & made peace with death,” McGorry wrote. He also shared part of a letter he wrote to his dad six weeks before he died.

ALYSSA MILLER SHUTS DOWN ANDREW GARFIELD BREAKUP RUMORS: Page Six reports that Andrew Garfield‘s girlfriend, Alyssa Miller, posted to Instagram on Monday (April 4th) to dispell the rumors that the pair broke up. Along with a silly picture of the couple from the night of the SAG Awards, Miller wrote, “If you must gossip at least use a cute photo. Lol love you AG.”

VANESSA LACHEY SAYS SHE GAVE NICK LACHEY A MARRIAGE ULTIMATUM: According to Today, Vanessa Lachey admitted that she gave her husband a marriage ultimatum on the new series Ultimatum, which she and Nick Lachey host together. “I always said I was going to be that girl that would never give a man an ultimatum,” but, she added, “We dated for five years. So I finally said, ‘What are we doing?"” The pair admitted that they ended up splitting up and seeing other people—which mirrors the show—before reuniting and “seeing the bigger picture.”

KATHERINE HEIGL SHARES VIDEO MONTAGE FOR HER DAUGTHER’S 10TH BIRTHDAY: E! News reports that Katherine Heigl is celebrating her daughter Adalaide‘s 10th birthday. On Sunday (April 3rd), Heigl posted a video that her husband Josh Kelly made, which features footage of Adalaide as a baby and up to the present. “Ten years ago today Adalaide made her way into the world and into our arms. She was the smallest baby I had ever seen. Weighing in at just 4 pounds 11 ounces. I could place her in the palm of my hand and her little legs would only reach an inch past my wrist. I started calling her peanut after that. My beautiful, delicious, observant peanut,” Heigl wrote.