Matthew McConaughey opened up to People about aiding his hometown following the Uvalde shooting.

He told the outlet that within 40 seconds of finding out the news that a gunman had killed 21 people, including 19 children, his wife Camila had already decided to get on a plane and head to the Texas town.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor said, “When we went to Uvalde, we both didn't know where or how we would be needed most, but once we arrived it became clear that our connection was with the families — and especially Camila with the mothers. She became a support system for them, and even now, long after we have left, she still maintains that support when needed.”

The people of Uvalde, he says, asked them to stick around longer so he brought in his own kids and his older brother Rooster's family.

He told the outlet, “I would say 100 percent of the families we talked to really wanted to embrace. They didn't want a handshake. They would quickly bypass the open hand and just come in for a hug. It was show up and meet their gaze, meet the pressure of their hug and hold on to them as long as they wanted to hold on to you. Some hugs went on for minutes.”

The McConaugheys' just keep livin Foundation continues to supporting grief counseling and other community needs for the people of Uvalde.