Megan Fox is betting on the longevity of her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly with a new tattoo on her collarbone, which fans believe is dedicated to her new man. The pair made their relationship Red Carpet official at the 2020 American Music Awards, and her tattoo, which says ‘el pistolero,’ was also on display.

A Twitter fan opined: “We finally have a close-up of Megan’s tattoo and it says ‘el pistolero’, which is Spanish for the shooter aka machine gun Kelly!”

The Spanish translation may be a reference to their meeting in Costa Rica, others speculated. Lyrics from Kelly’s latest album, Tickets to My Downfall, may confirm the rumors. “It was just four months ago that we were right here and I met you. That’s not possible,” Fox said on the track “Banyan Tree (Interlude)” in September. “You just got my initials tattooed on you. I just got your nickname tattooed on me.”