Megan Fox recently told Alexa that she’s “proud” of the 2009 film Jennifer’s Body because it helped so many girls come out of the closet. 

She told the outlet, “I can’t tell you how many girls, from 30 down into their teens — or, f–k that, my age, too — come up to me and are like, ‘I realized I was gay because of you,’ or ‘I felt comfortable coming out because of you,’ because of Jennifer’s Body and the interviews I did about being bisexual before it was cool.”

The actress, who is currently dating Machine Gun Kelly, also shared that he is exactly the kind of boyfriend she had imagined for herself as a child. 

Fox said, “I wish someone had asked me, when I was, like, 6, to draw a picture of the perfect boy. He would be weirdly tall, to where it almost looks painful, and super thin, and blond, and have earrings and tattoos and be wearing tartan pants and, like, a woman’s blouse.

“And he manifested and is real! Aesthetically, [Kelly] is my perfect crush. I think I was pre-programmed to be attracted to him. I always wanted a boyfriend who would share a closet with me and wear my clothes. I don’t know how he gets them on his body, but he does, and it looks really good.”