Meghan Markle is “mortified” by her good friend Jessica Mulroney’s viral public feud with a lifestyle blogger over white privilege, according to reports. The fallout for Mulroney has been fast and furious. Her TV show I Do, Redo was pulled from the air on CTV and she has been bumped from occasional engagements on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Mulroney herself said she was stepping away from professional engagements. 


Here’s what GMA said in a tweet: “She will no longer appear on our show." 

CTV said: "Bell Media and CTV encourages our entire team including our on-air talent to practice respect, inclusivity, and allyship as we pledge to work better and more openly to listen to and amplify Black voices, and not to minimize them. Because recent conduct by one of our shows hosts, Jessica Mulroney conflicts with our commitment to diversity and equality, CTV has removed I Do Redo from all Bell Media channels and platforms effective immediately."

The whole controversy stemmed from an experience former athlete and current influencer Sasha Exeter shared, when they had a disagreement over what Exeter saw as Mulroney’s less than enthusiastic embrace of Black Lives Matter. On social media, she said: "Listen, I am by no means calling Jess a racist but what I will say is this, she is very well aware of her wealth, her perceived power and privilege because of the color of her skin. And that, my friends, gave her the momentary confidence to come for my livelihood in writing,” adding that the threat was an example of "textbook white privilege."

Mulroney commented on the video to apologize, saying that she is "unequivocally sorry" and promises "to continue to learn and listen on how I can use my privilege to elevate and support black voices."


Seemingly referencing Meghan, she said: "As I told you privately, I have lived a very public and personal experience with my closest friend where race was front and centre. It was deeply educational. I learned a lot from that."

But after her seeming apology, Exeter said that Mulroney sent her a message threatening her with a lawsuit. She said on social media: "Here is what happens when you call out somebody with privilege and with wealth. They publicly make an apology, or a statement, and privately, behind closed doors, they send you a threat of filing a lawsuit against you."

"Meghan is absolutely mortified that she's been dragged into this complete mess," a friend of Meghan's told the Daily Mail. "She said Jessica is in no way a racist, but the way she handled the situation (with the fashion influencer) was tone-deaf and heartbreaking."

She is now reportedly wondering if she can remain friends with her. "Meghan said friends reflect friends and because of what's at stake she can no longer be associated with Jessica, at least not in public," the source said.  "She has to do what she has to do in order to preserve her dignity and her own reputation."


Meanwhile, royal scribe Lady Colin Campbell told The Daily Star that Megxit started just days after Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding. 

Referring to an incident that occurred at Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party, she said: “I can’t repeat it exactly, it’s in the book, but what I can say is, something happened at the very first garden party at Buckingham Palace…we were all absolutely gobsmacked and astonished, we all thought this doesn’t bode well.”

Campbell is set to release Meghan and Harry: The Real Story soon.