Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reached a settlement with a U.K.-based news and photo agency over shots they took of them and their son Archie. The Sussexes reached a deal with Splash U.K.

Their legal rep released a statement saying: “As explained in today's hearing, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have successfully settled a legal claim brought at the beginning of this year against the paparazzi agency Splash U.K.”

“This settlement is a clear signal that unlawful, invasive, and intrusive paparazzi behavior will not be tolerated, and that the couple takes these matters seriously – just as any family would.”

The spokesperson further explained that “a simultaneous and similar claim against Splash U.S., a sister company to Splash U.K., continues to move forward in the British court system.”

According to the Guardian, a statement read to the court also noted that “Splash UK will not take any photographs of the duke and duchess or their son in the future.”

Meanwhile, her suit against the Mail on Sunday is ongoing. They had another victory with X17, which settled with the pair and officially apologized for flying drones over their L.A. home.


In more positive news, Harry and Meghan’s foundation is partnering with World Center Kitchen to build a series of Community Relief Centers, which will be activated as service kitchens during natural disasters and other crises. They will be used as distribution hubs, schools, community gathering spots and clinics.

“The health of our communities depends on our ability to connect to our shared humanity. When we think about Chef Andrés and his incredible team at World Central Kitchen, we're reminded that even during a year of unimaginable hardship, there are so many amazing people willing — and working tirelessly — to support each other,” Meghan and Harry said in a joint statement. “World Central Kitchen inspires us through compassion in action.”


Meanwhile, as COVID puts a damper on the royal Christmas, Prince William and Kate Middleton and Meghan and Harry, whose relationship has been icy since their move to California, will exchange gifts in the mail.

TBD where William and Kate will celebrate Christmas though, after Queen Elizabeth called off the traditional get-together in Sandringham. “It is so difficult. We are still trying to make plans,” William said while speaking with Cardiff University students. “It's difficult to know what to do for the best.”