Melissa McCarthy is sharing insight into what’s going on in her (and our) minds. The Bridesmaids alum found a letter she wrote to herself many years ago, and shared it with the world because, quite frankly, it’s brilliant. 

"To me," the actress began her message to herself, "In 10 years, you will not remember his name." Other tokens of wisdom included, "It's ok to cry it out," "For the love of God-buy both pairs of shoes," "Please listen to that little voice inside your head," "A walk of shame can be character building," "Call Mom" and “Just eat the damn cookie!!"

"Go ALL IN," she concluded with her final bullet point, "you'll never get today back."

Her famous friends were here for it.  Hilary Swank commented, "Spot on." Luke Evans wrote, "Hear hear!!!" And Courteney Cox wrote, "Yes!!"