Michael J. Fox spoke with Entertainment Tonight over the weekend about his relationship with the late Matthew Perry. The Friends actor died unexpectedly last month at the age of 54.

"Matthew and I had spent some time together over the years. He was a hockey player, a good hockey player, and we played hockey together," Fox recalled.

The Back to the Future actor also revealed that, after Perry and his Friends costars signed record-setting contracts, the Fools Rush In actor made a sizable donation to Fox’s foundation.

"I hope this isn't indiscreet… but when they first made their big sale [on their Friends contracts] and were made millionaires for the rest of their lives, He wrote a big fat check to the foundation," the Teen Wolf actor shared. "We were really early on and trying to find our feet. And it was such a vote of confidence."

Fox added, "And it wasn't accompanied by any self-aggrandizing or anything, he was just like, 'Take it and do your best.' I loved that."