That Hannah Brown is something else. While many people would be kinda flattered if they got favorably compared to a supermodel, the former Bachelorette is not hearing it. 

Brown, of course, is involved in extracting herself from a love triangle with Bachelorette runner up Tyler Cameron, 26, and Gigi Hadid. After Brown dumped her fiancé on live TV, she asked Cameron out …. And he was photographed leaving her L.A. home soon after.

But just a day later, he was photographed out and about with the 24-year-old Hadid. 

While Brown confessed to having a “beef” with his lack of “respect,” that doesn’t mean two wrongs make a right. In Instagram Stories, Brown asked her followers and supporters to stop bashing Hadid. 

Here’s what some of her fans were saying: “Honestly you're hotter than GiGi I said it. I love her but WOW." 

"Lookin better than GIGI sista," commented another. "Gigi don't hold a candle to Hannah super model or not sorry truth is truth, look at this girl!" 

Brown and her fans aren’t the only ones displeased with Cameron. Bachelor host Chris Harrison recently said he was out of the running as Bachelor because of his two-timing.