Milla Jovovich took her 12-year-old daughter Ever to a gathering in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and she is asking other parents to do the same.

She captioned a social media post: “As parents, my husband, [Paul W. S. Anderson], and I wanted to help our eldest daughter raise her voice in protest as well and feel like a real part of this incredible movement for justice that’s happening all over the world. Because no matter how small she thinks her voice is, she could see the impact of her actions right there in the moment by the overwhelming amount of people cheering and honking as they drove by our little group standing on the sidewalk. How they were uplifted by seeing us showing up for what we believe. The smile on their faces as they raised their fists in the air while they went about their day.”

Jovovich, who also shares Dashiel, 5, and Osian, 4, with Anderson, continued: “I was able to show her how her small action made us all feel connected to something so much bigger than ourselves and maybe inspired others to take action too.”

She urged other parents to “do the same with their kids.” Jovovich explained, “Make some posters and go out into your neighborhood regardless of the size of your group. Because no matter how small your protest is, it will still affect like-minded people in a positive way and who knows? Maybe it can seed a kernel of change in those that don’t feel the same way we do.”