On Tuesday’s (November 1st) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Mindy Kaling opened up about a “scary” situation she found herself in when she was eight months pregnant.

“I went to dinner with my friend B.J. Novak. We drove to Silverlake to go to this great Thai restaurant there. He parked the car and we got out of the car, I noticed there was kind of like a weird kind of guy kind of staring at us from by the parking meter of the car,” she told Kimmel.

“When we got out, he was like, 'Hey, love you guys in The Office!” Kaling said. “He's just a nice man who loves The Office and I'm sitting here being like, That guy shouldn't be staring at us.” However, the pair later discovered that the man had broken into Novak’s car.

Deciding to confront him, Kaling body-blocked the driver’s side of the car so he couldn’t get out. “My sense of justice was greater than my sense of wanting to live,” she joked.

The Mindy Project creator continued, “Then B.J. went to their side, and was like, 'What did you take?' The guy kept looking over at the door to try to get out. I was sitting there like, 'You're not going anywhere.' Finally, B.J. got his laptop back and all of his stuff and he nodded to me, like, 'You can open the door and let him out.'”

She added that after the guy got out of the car, he said, “You guys should be careful. Anybody could just get into your car.”